Entrepreneur DNA Workshop




Full day

About the Workshop

Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

The COVID pandemic has put many businesses in a fight for their survival. Business leaders are forced to rethink and re-strategize their business model. Others are thinking that the market is ripe for new business opportunities.

Cambodia is experiencing a huge boost in digital adoption and consumer’s behaviors are changing. There are many tech-startups that are being formed without proper business modeling for success. Whether you are an owner of a business currently or thinking of starting one, it’s important for you to understand the current market and position your service or product properly. In the Business Model Blueprint workshop, you will learn right steps, avoid common mistakes, and gain amazing insights into ideation, customer segmentation, unique selling proposition, finance, create your product/service, delivery channels and growth hack your new business. Understanding the new business landscape, where every business is now a digital business.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is designed for people who wants to start their own business or currently running their own business and want to take their business to the next level. Business leaders wanting to build team
chemistry and culture.

• Entrepreneurs
• Startup Founder(s) team
• People thinking of starting a new business
• SME owners looking to refine their business for the digital age

Instructor Profile

Victor La

Business executive, entrepreneur, and talent management coach with experience spanning from Canada, Australia, and South East Asia to China. Talent management, team dynamic, and culture are the keys to success in Business 4.0. He's focused on helping Cambodians to uncover their hidden motivations to bring out the best in themselves. Your soft skills and ability to manage your growth are the best assets you will have to face many challenges along the journey to achieving personal and business success.

Victor La