Team Dynamic Workshop




Half day or Full day

About the Workshop

We've designed the Team Dynamic workshop help understand culture, improve team chemistry and communication. This workshop enables you to understand your attitude and motivation toward achieving better team productivity and retention.

In the workshop you will uncover your motivations and how it will play a role in your journey to
manage more effectively, individual and group exercise will be used to embed learnings and industry standard practices.

After this workshop you will be able to:

- Maximise your soft skills
- Understand your work motivations
- Manage your blind spots that’s holding you back from success
- Create compelling connection with your team
- Effectively communicate with team
- Understand your team’s dynamic range
- Receive a free report of your work motivations

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is designed for management professionals looking to improve and deliver higher
productivity and rapport with their team. Team leaders wanting to build team chemistry and culture.

Instructor Profile

Victor La

Business executive, entrepreneur, and talent management coach with experience spanning from Canada, Australia, and South East Asia to China. Talent management, team dynamic, and culture are the keys to success in Business 4.0. He's focused on helping Cambodians to uncover their hidden motivations to bring out the best in themselves. Your soft skills and ability to manage your growth are the best assets you will have to face many challenges along the journey to achieving personal and business success.

Victor La