Deputy Audit Manager

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

1. Planning 

-Prepare annual audit plan and budget for the whole audit department. 

-Develop and update audit procedure/program to achieve audit objectives. 

-Work with audit officer to prepare audit quarterly plan/schedule for audit mission. 

-Define fraud scenario and work with the CEO to design a plan to avoid internal fraud. 

-Prepare annual risk assessment for the company.  

2. Executing 

-Conduct risk assessment to identify control weaknesses, business process, redundant processes, and workflow inconsistencies, explore alternatives to improve internal controls to be effective and efficient. 

-Execute audit activities based on annual audit plan/schedule. -Lead the execution of audit officer activities testing including reviewing transactions, documents, records, reports and policies and procedure of accuracy and effectiveness. 

- Daily supervise audit staff, provide support, solve problems and be responsible for the development/training of audit staff. 

-Coordinate and participate with management team to obtain necessary information for audit staff to conduct their audit course. - Monitor work and performance of audit staff including filling audit working paper both hard copy and soft copy to make sure it is properly file and ensure documentations are adequate to support audit findings. 

- Participate in the process of recruiting audit staff, prepare JD and conduct annual evaluation. 

-Lead the audit monthly meeting with department managers.

3. Reporting: 

-Prepare audit reports including the list of audit findings together with the appropriate root cause/implication/recommendation/corrective action submit to supervisor. 

-Review audit report from Audit Officer and consolidate to monthly audit report. 

- Submit monthly audit report to CEO before the monthly meeting with department heads 

- Report any problem or issue during exco-meeting or to CEO.  

4. Follow up: 

- Follow up action plan and activities of Audit officer. 

-Follow up previous audit report to determine adequacy of corrective actions. 

5. Others: 

- Recommend changing in policies or procedures to increase efficiency the company operations. 

- Perform other tasks assigned by supervisor


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