Financial Controller

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

Funds Management

- Developing a system for forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment

- Developing a system to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements

- Assist in determining the company's proper capital structure

- Provide support in arranging for equity and debt financing


- Develop a system of the preparation of the company's budgets

- Assist management in the formulation of its overall strategic direction and follow-up using balanced scorecard method.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

- Research on competitors and report on key findings to governance

- Engage in benchmarking studies to establish areas of potential operational improvement

- Provide assistants in interpreting the company's financial results to management and recommend improvement activities

- Review company bottlenecks and recommend changes to improve the overall level of company throughput

- Assist in the determination of product pricing in relation to features offered and competitor pricing

- Help in compiling key business metrics and report on them to governance

- Assist in managing the capital budgeting process, based on constraint analysis and discounted cash flow analysis

- Create additional analyses and reports as requested by governance

Insurance and contractual agreements with financial impact

- Develop and monitor the school’s insurance contracts (public liability, etc.)

- Advise the SD and the Board in contracting further insurances to financially secure the school in case of major incidents, etc.

- Monitor and assist in developing further agreements with educational and commercial partners financially benefiting the school.

- Assist in negotiating contracts with third party service providers, as canteen and security company.

Increasing cost-efficiency

- Engage in ongoing cost reduction analyses in all areas of the company

- Improve internal control mechanisms and follow-up

- Assisting in preparing for and implementing a more appropriate accounting software


- The Financial Controller candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in finance or accounting, or equivalent business experience

- 5+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation. 

- Preference will be given to candidates with the Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designations. 

-Excellent communication skills are essential, particularly in regard to presenting the results of analyses to


- Should have an outstanding knowledge of electronic spreadsheets.

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