Lead Reporting Analyst

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

  • Define and develop the business framework of reporting.

  • Creating the business report requirement based on available data and fields of data and getting it implemented by developers and vendors.

  • Prepare the business use case of reporting and lead the development using internal or vendor resources.

  • Management of reporting and business analyst junior resources.

  • Negotiating the SLA for release of reports with end users and stakeholders.

  • Preparation and validation of intuitiveness of business reporting data.

  • Regular assessment of quality parameters to validate the data quality, monitoring and control of solution‘s reporting activities.

  • Provide business meaning to all the reporting segment application for device management i.e. illegal device usage in network and illegal device imports, preparation of KPIs of illegal device imports in Cambodian or International markets.

  • KPI preparation for device thefts, lost cases and active device usage and inactive devices in Cambodian and International markets

  • KPI preparation for cross validation of system and government’s revenue from available sources on device management platform.

  • Perform other related duties as required and other job duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor degree in telecom or computer science preferred.

  • 7-10 years experiences in telecom business ecosystem and good functional understanding of telecom subscribers and provisioning, customer management, Management Information System (MIS) Reporting, Decision Support System (DSS).

  • Experience in working with subscribers and its device profiles and plans as per device profiles, telecom frauds as SIM boxes would be preferred.

  • Working knowledge of telecom device management solutions in CSPs network.

  • Working knowledge of databases preferably Oracle, Mysql and any data warehouse and SQL & PLSQL language.

  • Working knowledge of any reporting system would be preferred.

  • Strong analytical skill and analysis on statistical models.

  • Strong communication and documentation skills.

  • Active participation in report design with vendor and stakeholders.

  • Flexible and able to producing report based on new requirement or change request.

  • Market research on device model and price with reference technology from GSMA, 3GPP, ITU etc.

  • Resource management and coordination with other departments, vendors and stakeholders.

  • Positive, self-motivated individual who can complete tasks independently.

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