PR/Communication Officer

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

  • Works with all school staff to provide a proactive school climate which supports the expertise of the International program faculty and the Khmer curriculum faculty and is in the best interest of student learning.

  • Attends meetings of the school leadership and any committees if required.

  • Ensures the leadership team is supplied with the necessary information about all issues related to any tasks and duties listed in this job description.

  • Provides support in creating texts for promotional material, e.g. flyers, posters, school information folders, etc.

  • Takes the lead in editing and publishing the school’s magazine.

  • Advises the student communications and broadcasting committee.

  • Initiates awareness activities with regards to school philosophy and values.

  • Supports the leadership team in networking with private companies, NGOs, and educational institutions, and in particular in establishing formalized partnerships with selected universities worldwide.

  • Initiates and conducts periodical surveys as agreed with the school leadership.

  • Assists with all social media and web page related communication.

  • Guides the process of setting up parents representation bodies and uses social media effectively to foster parents involvement.

  • Ensures that communication to parents also reaches no-English speaking parents

  • Creates and leads campaigns of inviting all parents to contribute actively to the school development and school events.

  • Provides guidance to any staff involved in parent communication

  • Assists in all WASC related accreditation issues

  • Assists the school leadership team in school wide policy development and all communication matters.


  • A University degree in a related field

  • Ability to creation of effective communication channels and supports the school development in all areas by involving all stakeholders.

  • Excellent communication and other interpersonal skills while also possessing educational administration experience.

  • Native speaker of English

  • Strong service orientation, an enthusiastic and positive work attitude.

  • High level of cultural sensitivity and empathy

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