School Administration Manager

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

Administration and School Supplies

✓ Administration office and reception management.

✓ Recruit, select and hire administration office staff with early involvement and given approval of the School Administrator.

✓ Ensure effective use of the students management system of all users.

✓ Ensure maintenance of all student and staff related registers and databases.

✓ Guarantee a strong customer service orientation of all subordinated staff.

✓ Organization and management of vehicle fleet and school bus service.

✓ Ensure daily student and staff attendance control and submit monthly report to the accounting department

✓ Assist in budgeting and organizing special events and functions (graduation, family and international children’ day, etc.)

✓ Organization of any purchases of equipment, stationery, office supplies and any request of other departments.

✓ Organization of order, distribution and control of all student supplies, as books, material, IDs and uniforms.

✓ Support the academic department in establishing an effective communication to parents.

✓ Organization of order, distribution and control of all staff uniforms and IDs.

✓ Prepare reports and other documents ensuring compliance with the requirements of the appropriate authorities (Ministries, District and Commune authorities).

✓ Support all departments in any administration related issue.


✓ Manage effectively the deployment and performance of all staff according to the school policies and reporting constantly to the School Administrator.

✓ Create and maintain good working relationships amongst all members of the school community.

✓ Support the School Administrator in verbal and written communication in Khmer language.

✓ Support the School Administrator in school development issues.

✓ Sustain motivation.

✓ Promote the school’s ethos in which the highest standards are expected from all members of the school community.

✓ Ensure that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the employment contracts and job descriptions of all staff under his/her supervision.

✓ Have a duty of care regarding staff welfare.

✓ Encourage honesty, initiative and teamwork.

Attendance of Internal and External Meetings

✓ Mandatory attendance of weekly school leadership meetings.

✓ Organization, attendance and record keeping of regular staff meetings with:

a) Administration staff

b) Maintenance staff

c) Safety and security staff

d) Bus fleet staff

e) IT staff

✓ Attendance of School Administrator – board meetings if required.

✓ Receive the visits of any authority officials (in particular with police, immigration and labor officials and inspectors), prepare the documents and establish a base of collaboration with the respective officers.


- The School Administration Manager has educational background in Business Administration and

vast experience in a leading position in the administrative department of an international school. 

- High proficiency in English language as well as very good organization and communication skills are imperative.

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