Senior IT Security Officer

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role

• Manage security incidents and events to protect corporate IT assets, including intellectual property, fixed assets and the company's reputation. 

• Perform Risk Assessment, Incident prevention, and regular penetration test  

• Performs and investigates internal and external information security risk and exceptions assessments.  

• Identify possible physical threats and recommendation 

• Assess incidents, vulnerability management, scans, patching status, secure baselines, penetration test result, phishing, and social engineering tests and attacks. 

• Coordinate with team to deliver the internal audit & finding report 

• Contribute IT strategy, policy, procedure and MOP 

• Conduct periodic scans of network, servers and workstation. 

• Develop and update assessment and authorization documentation for management and continuous monitoring of information systems 

• Regular produce/update guideline, documents and report


•Bachelor of Computer Science or IT related field is required 

•5+ years’ Experience in IT Network and System 

•Experience in an information security role  

•Familiar with Linux, Window, and Network Advance Skills  

•Experienced in troubleshooting/penetration testing 

•Be sensitive in threat scanning, and threats detection  

•Knowledge in Risk Assessment and Incident prevention 

•Ability to maintain confidentiality and to comply with Company Security Policy 

•Ability to educate a non-technical audience about various security measures 

•Must be a critical thinker with strong problem-solving skills 

•Effective verbal and written communication skills  

•CCNA/CCNA/CEH Security Certification is preferred

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