Supermarket General Manager

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Job Type:

Full Time

Industry Type:



Depends on experience

About the Role


  • Efficiently and effectively organize the operations to ensure profitability

  • Identify and address operational problems in a timely fashion

  • Plan for ongoing operational needs, including technology, facilities, and equipment

  • Compliance with all applicable laws: licenses, permits, health regulations, workers compensation, & employment requirements


  • Administration of benefits and requirements

  • Assessment of member and patron needs and desires to increase membership and participation

  • Prioritization of goals and projects

  • Timely and accurate reporting including presentations to membership at Annual Meeting

Planning and Development – Assist the board with:

  • Development of long term vision (strategic plan)

  • Preparation of a business plan

  • Store development goals and priorities


  • Annual operating, capital, and cash budgets

  • Timely and accurate reporting to board and membership

  • Goals and key indicators for operations: margin, sales, profits, turns, membership

Marketing and Merchandising

  • Set purchasing and pricing guidelines

  • Promotions and display

  • digital marketing, advertising, and other communications

  • Participation in community events


  • Wages and benefits

  • Grievance procedures

  • Participation and decision making

  • Hiring, orientation, training, scheduling, evaluation, promotion, discipline, dismissal

Board Relationship

  • Work with the Board to establish and implement goals and policies

  • Interpret financial statements and effectively convey them to the Board

  • Informational and leadership support


  • Successful and progressive experience (8+ years) in operations and personnel management in the grocery and/or retail industry (previous AGM and/or GM experience a plus).

  • Qualified candidates will be experienced grocery and/or retail managers with the ability to integrate daily business management practices, including finance, with visionary thinking to support the company's mission and objectives.

  • A strong background and foundation in finance (including not limited to understanding and explanation of the P&L, budgeting, costing, etc.

  • Track record of strategy to meet business objectives, sales goals and financial outcomes.

  • Proven ability to lead by example overseeing all operational activities with a positive attitude and sense of teamwork.

  • Ability to motivate and mentor team and manage in a cooperative environment.

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